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Founded in 1997, the law firm Anne-Marie Schmit offers extensive experience in varies legal areas and excellent professional competences. The law firm is particularly personified by excellent teamwork, highly skilled legal advice and representation as well as strong customer satisfaction. Additionally the law firm has a very good reputation and all ex-associates succeed in careers in the public sector or started their own law firms. The variety of languages of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg is thereby reflected within the law firm. The associates possess excellent language skills in Luxembourgish as well as in German, French, English and Italian and are therefore able to easily overcome possible language barriers.

Country specific information / peculiarities of national litigation

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is divided into two main jurisdictions called “districts”, Luxembourg and Diekirch. Each district has its District Court, which has a general and broad jurisdiction to deal with civil, commercial and penal matters with a value over 10.000 Euros, as well as for penal matters. Every district has a juvenile Court.

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg counts three “inferior courts” which are given some exclusive jurisdiction for matters with value at stake under 10.000 Euros. These County Courts are located in the capital city of Luxembourg, in Diekirch and in Esch-sur-Alzette. Their decisions are appealable before the District Courts.

The Supreme Court is situated in the capital city. It includes the Court of Appeal and the “Cour de cassation”. Furthermore, the Luxembourg judicial system counts an Administrative Court and a Constitutional Court.

One may plead in the three official languages of the Grand-Duchy, i.e. French, German and Luxembourgish. Nevertheless, complaints, conclusions and judgments are traditionally written in French.