EARN now possesses the online platform advo.ops. This internet application, programmed by swepp GmbH exclusively for our network, enables the EARN lawyers to capture their files with all relevant data by taking into account their defined (corporate) structure.  It also allows them to edit their files and automatically transfer them into the client portal debit.control of EARN member PASCHEN Rechtsanwälte.

In addition to capturing all basic data of a file as:

  • file reference number / file reference number at court
  • file creation date / file archiving date
  • current state of proceedings / file history
  • reason of claim
  • follow-up dates
  • opponent

Also dynamic data can be captured, as:

  • claims, costs and payments including interest calculation (ACT/360)
  • documents within the file history
  • manage country-specific interest rates

This data can be pictured completely online by the user with the help of intelligent input masks and without having to use added gateways for the many country-specific host systems.

All data is transferred over a secure SSL-connection and stored in fail-proof, separated server systems. Accessing this data therefore is only possible for authorized users of advo.ops.

EARN- clients thereby enjoy a never before known transparency and comparability in legal development of their international claims.