About EARN

EARN partners understand that legal claim management means the handling of the entire process, starting with the accrual of the debt, continuing to its collection and if necessary applying legal force.

The assertion of cross-border claims is especially subject to particular requirements. Essential to an effective assertion of claims abroad is a profound knowledge of the law applicable as well as the respective procedural and enforcement law of the several jurisdictions.

Professional experience, continuous education and personal specialization accompanied by profound knowledge of the economic context as well as a detailed grasp of the industry are fundamental to the EARN partners’ legal care for companies of all sizes – from medium-sized businesses to multinational groups.

BPS is positioning the EARN network of small and medium-sized law firms in order to exploit cross-border claim management to its fullest potential while sharing and taking advantage of the substantial practical experience of its partners. In particular, the varying rules regarding legal fees and costs, estimated duration of proceedings in each jurisdiction and versatile options for enforcement measures will be taken into consideration by our EARN partner.

The European Accounts Receivable Network, which is a non exclusive working group, convenes at least once a year in order to enable EARN partners to exchange their professional experiences, present the changes that have occurred in their respective national laws, collaborate on projects and recommend new partners based on their own practical working experience.

EARN is continuously building on these intense partner contacts in order to offer a pan-European network of lawyers and as a result, always have access to a suitable partner for pursuing your claims.