PASCHEN Rechtsanwälte

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 113
10553 Berlin

Locations: Berlin, Leipzig, München, Köln

Phone +49 30 34 67 56 0
Fax +49 30 34 67 56 22
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Since 1993, PASCHEN has been dealing with commercial law matters as a law firm with offices throughout Germany. Today as one of the leading German law firms, PASCHEN provides legal claims management of the highest quality throughout the European Union and particularly in Germany.

For PASCHEN, quality work comes first. That is why strong relationships with clients have priority. Professional experience and in-depth understanding of the clients' businesses are enabling PASCHEN to deliver the quality advice and service they expect. The constant review and appraisal of PASCHENs own performances as well as the customized client services allow it to solve legal claim cases more effectively.

The close interfirm cooperation of PASCHENs lawyers across interdisciplinary fields of law has proved very successful so the highest quality of legal services can be assured in accordance with reasonable evaluation from a business perspective. These theme-focused Practices are: Employment Law, Building Projects & Real Estate, China & South Asia, Factoring, Trade and Service, Insolvency Law, Private International & International Commercial Law and Insurance Law.